Marketing Research

and Advanced Analytics

using GIS technology

Gis Marketing

GIS Marketing offers software packages for marketing researchers & advanced analytics using GIS technology.


Marketing Segmentation

Market segmentation, also known as targeted marketing, is the opposite of mass marketing and marketing of diversified products. The goal of market segmentation in marketing is to divide the market into smaller, more easily identifiable, graspable, and responsive segments.


Advertising Research

Advertising research is a systematic process of marketing research conducted to improve the efficiency of advertising. Advertising research is a detailed study conducted to know how customers respond to a particular ad or advertising campaigns maximus nec ut leo, integer consectetur.

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Features and Advantages of GIS:

GIS is used in Marketing Information Systems as a tool for process decision making.

Capable of performing spatial analysis.
Classify and place objects into individual topics, and therefore have the ability to handle these objects differently
Store data related to visual presentation on a spatial database.
System control can be done easily and remotely.
The cost of implementing a GIS system is very significant.
GIS can be used to improve the location of retail stores